Wood Education/Care

Nice floor defines a house with a warm feeling of a true home. It also gives an office a prestige and respectability feel.  Also, remember that you floor is also an investment and raises the value of your house, hence preserving it in top shape is a wise choice to protect your investment.

Unfortunately, all hardwood floors change shades or fade away over time.  The many reasons this happen includes: exposure to sunlight (will cause permanent damage over time with the sun’s harsh rays), scratches from furniture, stiletto heels, humidity, water damage, and heat.

To prolong the life of your floor, please do the following:

  • Buy floor mats

–       Furniture and tiny particles of dirt and such will act as sandpaper, which can scratch your floor.

  • Buy a broom

–       Sweep your floor regularly of tiny particles, dust, and dirt.

  • Buy a vacuum cleaner

–       this will help you get to hard to reach areas such as between the boards