Flooring Installation

Three Main Type of Wood Flooring Installation methods:

  • Staple Installation/ Nail Down

–       Stapling down or nailing down engineered or solid wood strips to subfloors.  This method is done by placing down a number of strips before fastening it in ways of ensuring the exact placement.  In this method, customers will have less change of smelling the acrylic glue.  Fewer odors while it last the longest! This is the BEST method if you want beautiful wood flooring in your house.  This will boost your house value up the roof!

  • Glue Down Installation:

–       This involves gluing engineered wood strips, bamboo, or parquet directly to the subfloor.  We use mild acrylic based glue which does not give out any kind of odor.  Other cheap glues in the market can cause allergic reactions and harm your health!  With this method, you can walk or move furniture on the floor the very next day! However, this method will not last as long as nailing down the wood strips.  It can also peel off if it is in contact with heat or water.

  • Floating Installation:

In this method, we glue the tongue and grove of ever plank together.  Underneath the planks is foam cushioned padding to reduce noises when you walk on. This method is for refinished wood planks.