Do’s and Don’ts for your floor


-Clean any sticky spots with a damp sponge, napkin, or towel.

-Use professional hardwood floor cleaner to remove any excess marks or scuffs.  Spray some cleaner on towel or napkin and rub the area lightly.

– Minimize water exposure

-Clean Spills immediately

-Use ONLY cleaners that will not leave residue or film on the floor surface.

-Close blinds to window to prevent harsh sun’s rays beaming to the floor


-DO NOT wax a floor with urethane finish

– Use acetone, ammonia, or any oil soap based on wood floor. This will be hard to recoat

-acetone will strip the polyurethane

– Ammonia will dull the finish of the floor

– NO excessive water contact with the floor (wood floor naturally expands when it is in contact with water, which can expand the wood and damage the floor)